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We are now on RedBubble!

We are now on RedBubble! If you do not know what RedBubble is it is a platform where artist can upload their designs to a host of different products. This means you will be able to purchase our designs on a lot of different items. It is hard to put all of our designs on […]

Our Music is live!

Certain kinds of music can make us feel happy, sad, or ponder about life. In our studio, we want our music to uplift you and maybe it can be used to lighten up someone you know. We sell them at a low cost because the goal is not to make a profit but to hopefully […]

What Mode Are You In? Series Designs

What mode are you in today? Everyone has a mode they are in and it could change from day to day. Why not wear it on a shirt to let others know? Some of us don’t have to say it because some people already know but for those who do not know you can let […]

The website is live!

Our website is now live and we are excited to launch our studio! Check out what we have to offer.

Our Design Process and Tools

How do we come up with our designs and what tools do we use to bring them to life? That is a good question to ask but it is nothing special. Some of our designs come from the top of our heads while others come from seeing other designs. Sometimes just talking with someone stimulates […]

Just Getting Started!

As I look around on the World Wide Web (the internet for those who don’t know) and see how a lot of people have all of these wonderful designs. You see them on Google, Amazon, Etsy, RedBubble, TeePublic, and more. I must say it can be intimidating. But then I am reminded that we all […]

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