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Why Sport Christian Apparel?

What does it mean to wear Christian apparel and why wear it? If you claim to be a Christian, (which means to confess Jesus as Lord and follow Him) then part of being a Christ follower is spreading the good news (Gospel) to the world. As we say in our studio to shine God’s light guarding against the darkness plaqueing our society. There are multiple ways of doing this but the main way is to proclaim it with your mouth. God tells us to shout it on the mountaintops (Isaiah 40:9).

But on the other hand, it is hard to do this 24/7 unless it is our job and you get paid for it. So then how can we spread this wonderful message to people if we are not able to speak it all the time? You can’t just stop working and talk to people whenever you feel like it unless God calls you to do that. If He does call you to that He will make sure to prepare you for it. I believe that today we have multiple ways to spread the good news without even saying a word. And I am not just talking about living it out which by the way we should be living out the good news and not just speaking it. But I am talking about day-to-day life even when we are going to the gas station we can shine God’s light.

That is where Christian Apparel comes in. Whether that is shirts, hats, bandanas, tank tops, hoodies, etc. We can share the good news with the world without even saying a word. When you see someone wearing a Los Angeles Lakers jersey (e.g. Lebron James) what are they saying to you without saying it? Either they like that specific player from the Lakers or maybe they are a big fan of the NBA as a whole and the Lakers are their favorite team. Either way, you got that from just the jersey they had on without them saying it. It is the same way we want to shine God’s light on others without saying a word.

Subtle or Loud?

Now the message we share can be subtle or loud depending on what it is. (Subtle in the sense that it is not all in your face but the message is there and loud means it is in your face and you may be offended by it). Christian apparel can be subtle or loud.

The goal is not for people to be offended but to be persuaded to want to know more about Jesus.

For example, this is a T-shirt my wife bought me that I love to wear when I go out (not our design). Would you say this is subtle or loud? I say subtle because it gives a simple message that I am not following a religion but a God who decided to come and save us so that we can have a relationship with Him. Which in turn should make those who think that Christianity is just a religion (following a bunch of rules) want to ask what the shirt means. Once again the goal is to persuade people to want to know more about Jesus. Plus, it gives a scripture reference they can be referred to.

On the other hand, this shirt screams at you that you need to repent of your sins with a big finger pointing at you (again not our design). No scripture references whatsoever. Both of these shirts speak the truth but one is loud (I would even say condemning) and the other is subtle. We need to see which one fits our personality but at the same time not be afraid to spread the love and truth of God to the world.

Our designs in our studio will be a mix of both subtle and loud but with the goal of persuading others not condemning them. So make sure to tune in and see what designs fit you as a Chrisitan. God bless!

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